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Randonneuring is non-competitive, long distance cycling. The sport originated in France, but has now has participants all over the world.  Our rides are called brevets (bruh-vays) and they range in distance from 200 to 600 kilometers.  We also offer populaires, which are rides between 100 and 199 km in length.  On a brevet, riders depart together and follow a set route which must be finished within a certain time limit (for example, 13.5 hours for a 200km route).  There are time checkpoints, called controls, along the route.

In the United States the organization that sanctions all the brevets is called Randonneurs USA, or RUSA for short.  PCH Randonneurs is the club that runs the brevets for RUSA in the Los Angeles region.  We follow all the RUSA rules and guidelines in planning our rides.  Riders are expected to know and follow all the RUSA rules for riders.  RUSA also has many terrific award programs. These are great incentives for motivating riders to get out and ride regularly.- check them out on the RUSA website.  Many of our brevets are also sanctioned by Audax Club Parisien (ACP), so they help riders earn ACP awards and also qualify for international randonneuring events.

Randonneuring is not racing.  Camaraderie, not competition, is the hallmark of randonneuring. Although some riders choose to ride as fast as possible to reach some personal time goal, most riders prefer to ride along in small groups with friends.  A rider who slows down to keep another rider company and to help them finish is highly regarded in the randonneuring community.  All riders who finish the brevet within the time limit are equally honored, there is no "winner" of a brevet.

Self sufficiency is another hallmark of randonneuring.  Emphasis is placed on being self-supported; however, support may sometimes be available at various controls along the route, especially in remote areas.  Riders should plan on carrying enough food and water to make it to the next control.  At the controls, which are usually located at convenience stores or fast-food restaurants, rides will typically purchase their own provisions.  Each rider should also carry tools and spare tubes to deal with punctures and mechanical issues.  There is normally no SAG vehicle on a brevet, although exceptions are made for extra long and remote rides.  

A common goal for randonneurs is to earn the ACP Super Randonneur medal.  A Super Randonneur series consists of four brevets:

  • 200 Kilometer (125 Miles) with a time limit of 13.5 hours
  • 300 Kilometer (185 Miles) with a time limit of 20.0 hours
  • 400 Kilometer (250 Miles) with a time limit of 27.0 hours
  • 600 Kilometer (375 Miles) with a time limit of 40.0 hours

Only Super Randonneurs are allowed to attempt the ultimate Randonneuring challenge–the 1200 kilometer (750 mile) grand randonnee–which must be completed in 90 hours. In the summer of 2019, the oldest of these events, Paris-Brest-Paris, took place, as it does every 4 years. 14 riders associated with PCH Randonneurs  (either members or people who rode in our brevet series) were able to successfully finish PBP in 2019.  The next PBP will be held in August of 2023.  There are also many other grand randonee's in the USA and abroad.  You can begin your search for them on the RUSA website.

One thing to keep in mind about Randonneuring: it is not about how fast you are; it is more about your ability to manage the miles in the time allowed. On long brevets of 1200 kilometers (750 miles in 90 hours or less), the last rider to finish is actually held in high honor, as all recognize the extra effort it took to finish, even as time was running out.

If you are new to the sport, don't be scared off by the long distances.  Plenty of randonneurs choose to only ride the shorter distances- they are welcome in the randonneuring community too.

RUSA prepared a video to introduce new folks to randonneuring.  (Of course, if you ride with PCH Randos you should expect nicer weather and more sunshine than you see in the videowink )

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