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ACP 600
Sunrise at 5:58:37 AM Sunset at 7:43:02 PM

Kerin Huber
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Best Western Simi Valley
1775 Madera Rd
Simi Valley, CA


Overnight Ride

Registration for 2023 rides will open on 11/1/22.

Note:  You must register in advance for this ride- registration closes at noon on Thursday before the ride.  There is no late registration or day-of-event registration.  You must be a member of both PCH Randonneurs and RUSA in order to register.

This route has been re-worked for 2023.   The first 400k is still the same as the Simi Valley Four Fingers400k (which will be run concurrently).  The last 200k is new- hopefully an improvement over last year.

This ride will be run simultaneously with the Simi Valley Four Fingers 400k- the two rides share the same route for first 400k. From start in Simi Valley you will ride through citrus groves and avocados to the first control in Saticoy.  Then you do a (sort of) out and back to Fillmore through the agricultural Heritage Valley.  The next "finger" is from Ventura to Ojai and back using the Ojai-Ventura Bike Trail.  Now comes the long section up the coast to the turn-around in Goleta.  The return to Simi Valley is on familiar roads through Santa Barbara, Ventura, Port Hueneme and Camarillo.  After completing the first 400k, 600k riders can get some food and a little sleep at the start/finish hotel, then head out for the final 200k, which returns to Ojai, but using the climb up the 150 and the beautiful approach through the Upper Ojai Valley.  Riders will then head over the Casitas Pass to Carpinteria, and return to Simi Valley using the coastal route and Santa Rosa Rd.  Even though the last 200k retraces some of the miles of day one, it should seem like a whole different ride since you will do those miles in the daylight on day two.  

The total climbing for this route is about 15,000 feet.  Day two is a bit climbier than day one, so be sure to save a little something in your legs.

Much of this ride is self-supported.  There will be a staffed control at the start/finish hotel which you will visit at the 400k mark and at the finish- hot food will be available there.  At all other places along the course riders are responsible for obtaining their own food and water.  

The start/finish hotel is the Best Western Posada in Simi Valley.  Riders should book their own rooms- the club has only one room for ride HQ.  If you want to find someone to share a room with, the Google Group is useful.

Full lights and reflective gear are required.  Please see Article 10 of the RUSA Rules for Riders.





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