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ACP 600
Sunrise at 6:49:33 AM Sunset at 7:10:44 PM

Willie Hunt
Email Willie(714)309-2192
Kerin Huber
Email Kerin(626)398-0483

Get me there
Willie's House
21 Espalier Drive
Foothill Ranch, ca 92610

Park on opposite side of Espalier Drive from houses.

SAG Service Available
Overnight Ride

Note: You must register in advance for the ride- there is no late or day-of-event registration.  Registration closes at noon on Sunday, 3/19- this is 6 days in advance.  You must be a member of PCH Randonneurs and RUSA to register.

This 600k covers a huge diversity of territory from beach views along the PCH, to 50 miles of grade isolated bike paths, to views of the highest peaks in Southern California (San Jacinto and San Gorgonio), huge wind turbines, vast desert landscapes, vista of lakes and high plains, and back to Pacific ocean.  The first 400k has only 6800 feet of climbing, mostly in a slow gradual climb toward Beaumont.  The last 200k adds one huge climb up Montezuma, right after the overnight, but otherwise the additional climbing is spread out and relatively short.  It’s scheduled early in the year to avoid the possible high temperatures in Palm Springs desert area.  The weather at this time of year is generally exceptionally pleasant, but you never know about the wind in the desert.  Expect cold temperature at the top of Montezuma in the early morning hours.  

The route  makes a giant loop from Foothill Ranch to Laguna Beach and the PCH, Santa Ana River Trail (SART), Corona, Norco, Upper SART, San Bernardino / Redlands, Beaumont Banning, through the pass of San Jacinto and San Gorgonio, around Palm Springs and Palm Desert, a stretch along the Salton Sea, then to Borrego Springs for the overnight stop.  A drop bag will be shuttled to Borrego Springs, and then returned to the finish.  After your rest, the 600k continues climbing 4000 feet up the Montezuma Borrego Hwy (the glass elevator), then downhill to Lake Henshaw, past Mt Palomar, onto Valley Center, and then onto Oceanside.  From there, north along the Pacific coast to San Clemente, Dana Point and then inland back to Foothill Ranch.  The first day has little climbing and mostly gradual grades.  The second day has the monster Montezuma climb, and a few other bumps.  The total climbing for the 600k is about 15,000 ft.  Overall, the route covers a vast area of Southern California with great views and minimal urban slowdowns.

The control in Borrego Springs(mile 243) will be at Standlund's Inn and Suites in Borrego Springs.  This control will be staffed- there will be hot food available and you will be able to access your drop bag here.  The control will be in a suite with a kitchenette and two beds, plus we have another room with two beds.  So although there is no guarantee of a bed, you will probably have a place to nap.  If you want your own bed, plus a little quiet and privacy, you are encouraged to reserve your own room either at Standlund's or another motel in Borrego Springs.

You must sign up at least 6 days prior so logistics can be properly handled.   

At the start there is plenty of street parking in Willie's neighborhood.

All participants are required to have working front and rear lights on their bicycles and meet the reflectivity guidelines as required by Article 10 of the RUSA Rules for Riders.  An inspection will be conducted to ensure compliance for your safety during the ride.