Red Box to Dawson Moonlit Mountain Populaire

08-17-2024 19:00

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08-01-2024 12:00
08-15-2024 12:00
RUSA 100
Sunrise 6:14:26 AM Sunset 7:38:11 PM
Ride Leader(s):
Kerin Huber

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Red Box Picnic Area
7V5V+9W Altadena
California, CA

At intersection of Mt Wilson Red Box Rd and Angeles Crest Highway.  About 14 miles up Hwy 2 from La Canada.

Registration is not open

Overnight Ride

Registration is on hold for now because of multiple closures on Highway 2.  If Hwy 2 doesn't open, we won't hold the ride.

Note:  You must register in advance for this ride- registration closes at noon on Thursday before the ride.  There is no late registration or day-of-event registration. You must be a member of both RUSA and PCH Randonneurs to register.

Join us for a moonlit summer ride in the San Gabriel Mountains.  This Populaire begins at Red Box (where the Mt Wilson Rd meets the Angeles Crest Highway) and climbs to Dawson Saddle, the highest point on the Angeles Crest Highway at 7900 ft.  The return to Red Box is much easier- mostly descent with only a few climbing sections.  This is a challenging ride because of all the climbing, but the gradients are very reasonable- nothing too steep.  And there are no stop signs or traffic lights to slow you down.  Easiest navigation ever- just one U-turn!

On this night the moon is close to being a full moon-  It should be high in the sky for most of our ride.  In August the night temperatures, even at elevation, won't be too cold.  I hope traffic will be light because most of the hikers and sports car drivers should have gone home already.

The ride is free, but all vehicles will need an Adventure Pass to park at the start location.  If you have a National Parks lifetime senior pass, that works too.

Full lights and reflective gear are required.  Please see Article 10 of the RUSA Rules for Riders.  There will be an inspection at the start.

This is an unsupported ride- there is no SAG vehicle.  Water will be stashed somewhere along the Crest so you can fill up on the climb to Dawson.  Riders will need to carry enough food for the entire ride.

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