Ojai Double Bump Populaire 107k

10-06-2024 07:00

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06-04-2024 15:27
10-04-2024 12:00
RUSA 100
Sunrise 6:54:27 AM Sunset 6:34:48 PM
Ride Leader(s):
Kerin Huber

Get me there
Simone's Coffee & Tea
7818 Telegraph Rd
Ventura , CA 93004


Note:  You must register in advance for this ride- registration closes at noon two days before the ride.  There is no late registration or day-of-event registration.  

This is a Populaire that starts in Ventura and does a counterclockwise loop through the Ojai Valley.  The "Double Bump" in the name refers to Highway 150 and Casitas Pass, both of which are beautiful climbs- especially in the winter and spring when everything is green.  The final third of the ride is mostly along the coast.

The start is at Simone's Coffee and Tea.  The finish is right next door at Two Trees Restaurant where we can enjoy a beer and some food.

This is a minimally supported ride.  Riders are expected to be self-sufficient and obtain their own food and water out on the course (there are several parks and markets on the route).  There is no SAG vehicle.



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