Dart Populaire (120k)

08-25-2024 09:00

2 Registered

06-08-2024 18:08
08-24-2024 12:00
Sunrise 6:23:20 AM Sunset 7:31:31 PM
Ride Leader(s):
Kerin Huber
Greg Jones

Get me there
Greg and Lisa's Home
4465 Cedarglen Ct
Moorpark, CA 93021


Social Gathering Before/After

Note: Advance registration is required for this event.  All members of the dart team must register individually.  The team captain also needs to submit your team's route for approval to Kerin at least one week in advance of the event.

A Dart Populaire is a team event in which a team of 3-5 bicycles rides together for 8 hours, covering at least 120 km on a route of their own design.  Even though all the teams begin in different locations and ride unique routes, they all finish in the same spot at about the same time.  This year we will finish at the Jones' Home in Moorpark, where we can enjoy wood-fired pizza and drinks together on their lovely patio.  Hopefully, we will be celebrating the successful completion of the Rouleur Award for many riders.   Team events are a lot of fun, and the Dart Populaire has the advantage of only being 8 hours long.  So find some rando friends and get a team together.

The target finish time is 17:00, which means the teams will begin their journeys at 09:00 on Sunday morning.

You can read more about the Dart populaire here.  I know that all the rules can be confusing, so please feel free to contact Kerin about any questions or help with route design.  Also if you are looking to form a team, or looking to join a team, I would be happy to facilitate.  My goal is to have as many people as possible enjoy this event.  I also have built up a library of previously-used routes if you are interested in using one of those for your team.

The Dart Populaire is part of our Rouleur Series.  To earn the Rouleur Award you need to do populaires with lengths of 100k (actually anything from 100-124k), 125k (actually 125-149k), and 150k (actually 150-199k); plus a 200k brevet and a Dart populaire.  If you finish all these rides in 2024, PCH Randos will present you with this spiffy patch from RUSA: